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If you think you have what it takes, send your CV and a cover letter detailing why you think you’re up for the challenge to careers@siyavula.com.

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Vacant positions you can apply for now:

All positions are based at our office in Cape Town unless otherwise specified. Siyavula Education Pty Ltd reserves the right not to fill these positions.

Educational Technologist - Maths Pedagogy

Do you want to enhance learning through technology and build exercises that engage and motivate learners? We're looking for an expert in maths pedagogy to join our team. If you think you have what it takes, we'd like to hear from you.

Full-stack Python Developer

Interested in joining our team in building a robust, scalable software service to help Maths and Science education around the world? If you've got the drive and the skills, let us know.

What we’re like to work with

At Siyavula, we’re seriously passionate about improving maths and science education and we've got a unqiue product worth throwing our weight behind. We're set to expand our reach, taking our online learning platform not just further into South Africa, but also out to the rest of the world.

Our highly-driven team work out of offices in the centre of Cape Town - best city on the planet. We’re proud geeks and no, that does not mean we all have backgrounds in the hard-core Sciences :) We’re interested in people who are good at coming alongside and working together on a project, but are also capable of managing their own efforts, getting on a with the job at hand and delivering a high-quality product, every time.

We’re a start-up and start-up culture permeates a lot of what we do. We work with a relatively-flat organisational structure, have plenty of coffee (it powers our office), eat lunch together on a Friday, enjoy flexible work hours and our shutdown over Christmas doesn’t come out of your leave - Bonus!

We’re working hard to make a big difference and to enjoying the ride. If this sounds appealing to you, get in touch.

Educational Technologist specialising in Maths Pedagogy

Siyavula is looking for an expert in maths pedagogy to join its team of Educational Technologists. You would be joining an amazing team of highly skilled people from various backgrounds, including teaching and academia, who are passionate about education and continuing their own learning.

What do Siyavula’s Educational Technologists do?

You will be part of the team of content experts that plan, code, and scaffold the exercises that appear on our online service, Siyavula Practice, which consists of an underlying platform that delivers, marks, and sequences maths and science exercises. Thousands of high school learners (from across South Africa and the rest of the world) access this service daily.

Sign up for a free trial and check it out at www.siyavula.com.

The roles and responsibilities as an Educational Technologist at Siyavula can be roughly divided into two specialisation streams, both of which involve the application of your expert subject knowledge. They are pedagogy and technical specialists. All Educational Technologists will be involved in both pedagogical and technical spheres to a certain extent and there is often a fair amount of fluidity between the two specialisations

Our pedagogy specialists design, write, review, and scaffold exercises in their area of subject expertise. Technical specialists work together with the pedagogy specialists to encode the exercises as computer programs in order to generate randomised versions of questions testing the same core concept.

As part of EdTech Production you need to work both with the team as well as independently. Self-awareness and the ability to determine opportunities for your own growth are key. You need to be a go-getter who is able to identify problems and step in to solve them.

Roles and responsibilities

As a maths pedagogy specialist you are expected to know how to explain your subject (teaching knowledge / pedagogical content knowledge). As part of your role, you would be required to:

  1. design sets of interactive, adaptive, dynamic, fun, contextual, and engaging exercises that cover high school content
  2. write clear, accurate, and grammatically correct explanations of content, based on concepts and targeting misconceptions when appropriate
  3. structure exercises in a way that helps learners master the content by knowing how learning works
  4. plan and sequence exercises within content sections in an effective way so that learners encounter exercises in an order that will help them to learn
  5. work in the context of the local curriculum (CAPS), with the possibility of expanding content to cater for different curricula from around the world
  6. plan pedagogically insightful software libraries together with a technical specialist

Minimum requirements

Below are the minimum requirements to fill the role of a maths pedagogy specialist:

  • expert maths content knowledge (beyond school level)
  • excellent command of written English
  • the ability to explain concepts clearly and appropriately
  • teaching experience including:
    • pedagogical content knowledge, including an awareness of both common misconceptions as well as ways of explaining that best aid learning
    • advantage: creating your own content for lessons and assessments
    • advantage: familiarity with the South African grade 8 to 12 curriculum (CAPS)
  • a willingness to learn computer programming skills
    • advantage: programming experience
  • high computer proficiency
    • be comfortable using Google products including collaborative Google docs
    • a willingness to learn how to use a Linux operating system, Github and the command line
    • be comfortable searching for solutions to computer problems/coding issues using resources such as Stack Overflow
    • advantage: already comfortable with a Linux operating system
    • advantage: already comfortable using the command line/terminal

If you’re the candidate we’re looking for: you know and love your subject; have strong problem-solving skills; are passionate regarding your own continued learning; and are enthusiastic about working in a team. Most of all, you should want to make a difference to education in South Africa and around the world!

And finally, you are a good candidate if you smile at the mention of the Euler Identity :-)


Market related.

To apply

Send an email with a cover letter and your CV to careers@siyavula.com with the subject line “Educational Technologist, specialising in mathematics” and we’ll get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Siyavula Education Pty Ltd reserves the right not to fill this position.

Full-stack Python Developer

The kind of work you could be part of

You would be working within a relatively small team of software devs (±5) who work closely with each other and the rest of the organisation. We have adopted some industry best practices and want to see your skills grow as much as you do. At Siyavula, you’ll be exposed to automated tests, static code analysis, peer review and a culture that is big on constant learning. Our development process is focused on being agile, but not slavishly adherent to any one way of being agile and we’re figuring out a lot of stuff as we grow and as our product grows.

At Siyavula you would:

  • craft features to make learning more effective and fun, improving maths and science education;
  • forge tools to help teachers see where students are struggling and to gauge the effectiveness of their own teaching practices; and
  • build software tools that our own team of super-heroes can use to function at their best.

What we're looking for

We’re interested in finding keen minds that want to make a difference - in South Africa and around the world. We value continuous learning, using MOOC’s, participation in local conferences (eg. PyCon) and/or any other approach that helps you to become better at what you do.

We’re looking specifically for an experienced dev for this role (4+ years in web development) - a battle-hardened software craftsman who's fought with programming challenges and won!

We use Python, Pyramid, SQL Alchemy, PostgreSQL, Jinja, SASS and git. If you don’t know some of these but still think you’ve got what it takes, get in touch and we'll send you our coding challenge so you can amaze us.


In line with experience and market related.

To apply

Send an email with a cover letter and your CV to careers@siyavula.com with the subject line “Full-stack Python Developer” and we’ll get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

What are we passionate about?

"I have an opportunity to make an impact on thousands of students scattered in several countries. It’s a responsibility that I take seriously."

- Saymore, Educational Technologist

"I am enthusiastic about education because it is a tranformative and empowering process. Education improves societies. I am also keenly tuned in to maths, which is unique in its pristine elegance and provides numerous surprises."

- Eric, Educational Technologist

"I love the fact that the work I do is in some small way contributing to improving society. I believe change has a ripple effect."

- Hannelie, School Accounts Manager

"I am fascinated and enthralled by the experience and possibilities at which maths, science, art, design and curiosity collide."

- Megan, Instructional Designer

"I enjoy tackling large and seemingly unsolvable problems and learning a lot in the process of solving the problem."

- Heather, Technical Editor

"I'm dead passionate about striking a balance between purely academic knowledge, practical experience as well as creative endeavours."

- Ewald, Senior Developer

"Chemistry opens up a whole other way of seeing things, a different way of understanding the world around us. That fascinates me, and I'd like to pass on this interest in understanding the world we live in."

- Kate, Educational Technologist

"I think what I like most about Siyavula is the deep sense of personal fulfillment that I get from working with a technological product that assists young learners."

- Rebecca, School Accounts Manager

"I am fascinated by how we (as individuals and groups) think, learn, create and communicate."

- Nicky, Product Manager

"My passion is to get things done."

- Thembile, Accounting Officer

"I am passionate about assisting the youth from disadvantaged backgrounds reach highest standards in education in spite of what they lack in resources."

- Nandi, Schools Liaison

"Teaching others so that they can harness the power that physics knowledge grants as well as appreciate the intrinsic beauty of the subject is one of my greatest passions."

- Adam, Educational Technologist

"I love being surrounded by people who challenge and push me to better myself. Working as part of the Siyavula team definitely has this covered!"

- Cynthia, Office Manager

"As someone who is not originally from South Africa, I am passionate about making a positive impact in this country, which has been so good to me."

- Gina, Project Manager

"I care deeply about helping people reach their full potential and think that education is a tool for true empowerment. I love astronomy."

- Kosma, Educational Technologist

"I believe that science is really about learning how to ask and answer questions about the surprising, fascinating world in which we live."

- Melanie, Educational Technologist

"I am passionate about the way education can shape and change someone behavior and approach to life. That moment a student realises he/she has applied something they thought impossible to grasp at first."

- Nadia, Educational Technologist

"I really love that energy that comes from a group of us collectively finding a better way to do things more effectively. I also love solving problems."

- Richard, Senior Developer

"I really enjoy working with teachers to understand their individual and very, very unique situations."

- Will, Sales Manager