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April 19, 2017 / by Deborah Torrington /

Earn free access to Siyavula’s practice service

And improve your maths and science

We’ve got great news for learners who want to improve their maths and science skills, but can’t afford to buy a Siyavula subscription - we have sponsors who are making it possible for them to earn free access to our online practice service!

Why we think practice is important

In subjects like maths and science the old saying “Practice makes perfect” is certainly true. To do well in maths or science, it’s not enough to learn from a textbook or watch videos - to truly learn, understand and master the concepts, learners have to put in regular, sustained practice over time.

The Siyavula practice tool is designed to help learners practise, solve problems, receive immediate feedback, reflect, work through solutions, and learn and improve. And because our practice is aligned with what learners are doing at school, it’s easy to monitor progress.

  • Practice is divided into chapters that follow the same chapters as textbooks used in the South African curriculum.
  • Our chapters are divided into smaller sections, so learners can practise just one section until they’ve understood it.
  • As learners work through a section, they’ll see their stars for that section light up - and this means that they’re beginning to master the content!
Why should learners use Siyavula?

Siyavula’s practice tool, which is aligned to the South African curriculum, is already used by more than 100 000 learners in Grades 8-12. But there are a host of other reasons learners should be using Siyavula to improve their maths and science skills:

  • The practice service can be used on any computer, tablet or phone - even an older feature phone - so learners can practise anytime, anywhere.
  • Because people learn at different rates, learners will get questions that are tailored for them. As they start getting questions correct, the problems will become more difficult (and if they’re struggling with something, questions will become easier, until the concept has been mastered, and the learner can move on to harder questions).
  • Learners’ answers are checked immediately and they’re given full solutions to each question; this will let them see where they may be going wrong.
  • If there’s something a learner doesn’t understand, he or she can try many versions of the same kind of question - until the concept’s been understood.
  • Because our website www.everythingmaths.co.za is free on Vodacom, learners can practice or read our textbooks without being charged for any data.
  • Learners can set their own goals and then monitor their achievements.
  • We track learners’ mastery levels - and as they start mastering a concept, we’ll let them know how they’re doing.

Most importantly, learners who practise regularly and consistently will improve and do better in maths and science. It’s that simple.

Here’s how learners can earn free access to practice

It’s easy - all learners need to do is sign up to use our practice service at www.everythingmaths.co.za, and they’ll automatically get a week’s free access. To keep earning free access they’ll need to achieve certain aims for each of the first 3 weeks. These aims have been designed to help learners get going and understand how to use the service properly, and monitor their progress effectively.

If you are a learner, and you’d like to sign up to earn free access, follow these steps (you’ll also get notifications on the practice service each week, telling you what to do):

  1. Week 1: Sign up at www.everythingmaths.co.za and complete 25 exercises (questions) in either maths or science, to get your second week free.
  2. Week 2: Complete your profile information and set your own goals for the year, to earn access for a third week. (Goal-setting is done per subject, so to keep earning access for both maths and science, you’ll have to set goals for both.)
  3. Week 3: Master a new section to at least 3 stars (out of four) in each subject to qualify for monthly earned access. Just remember: if you want access to both maths and science, you’ll have to master a section in each subject.
  4. You now have 30 days of free access to Siyavula.
  5. To keep earning your free access, you’ll need to do 100 exercises within each 30 days to get the next 30 days free! (You’ll get a counter to help motivate you along the way, as shown below.)

Our message to learners: try it out today!

If you are motivated to do better in maths and/or science, but you’re not sure where to begin, signing up at www.everythingmaths.co.za is a great place to start. Once you’re signed up, you can keep your free access by showing motivation and dedication to your long-term goals - by practising and mastering your maths and science.

And when you’ve done all that, please like us on Facebook and let us know how you’re getting on - we’d love to hear from you!