Our vision

A world in which learning is celebrated and pursued; education is accessible; curiosity is embraced; sharing is fundamental to our being; and technology is empowering, for each and every individual, each and every day.

Our mission

Our mission is to create and enable engaging, integrated, high-quality learning experiences in Mathematics and the Sciences; to have a long-lasting, enriching impact on learners and teachers in South Africa and globally; to constantly seek out and build the most relevant, effective technology whilst remaining rooted in the science of learning and instruction; and to engage and motivate young minds, helping them to master and develop the skills our future needs.

Our foundations

In pursuing our mission, we have three foundations that form the core of all that we do.


We believe in openness, a key principle in our philosophy that every learner and teacher should have access to high quality educational resources as a basis for long-term growth and development.


We believe in investing time and research into building technology that facilitates deep learning experiences, specifically in Mathematics and Science.


We believe in working with the community on a small and large scale, drawing on the strengths and experiences of others to make sure what we do is relevant and has a broad impact.

Why believe in us?

Some of the numbers that speak for themselves.

  awesome people on our team
  qualifications under our roof
  exercises completed on our practice service
  openly-licensed textbooks on desks

What do others say?

"The whole team is so open for suggestions and input from teachers...With a casual, conversational way they share so much knowledge and it is evident that they know what they are talking about."

- Rozelda Pienaar, Deputy Principal, Prestige College

"We find that Intelligent Practice is an effective tool that not only helps the students, but supports the teacher. It’s a fun new way of laying strong foundations in Mathematics and Science."

- Mathematics and Science Department, Maragon Olympus

"We are thankful that we came across the wonderful programme and amazing group of people that have a passion for what they do and have the teachers’ and learners’ best interest at heart."

- Rozelda Pienaar, Deputy Principal, Prestige College

"Maths is very important to me because it can open a lot of opportunities for me. Many people see maths as something that is very difficult, but this system shows us that maths is actually pretty easy."

- Pontsho Mathuma, Learner, Olico Youth

"I improved exceedingly well, not only with Everything Maths but also at school. I also give myself time to practise Mathematics as I know that the more I practise the more I improve and the more opportunities I get to fulfil my dreams."

- Sinenhlanhla Shezi, Learner, Barnato Park High School

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