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Sponsoring Siyavula Practice

Vodacom sponsored schools

In conjunction with the Vodacom Mobile Education Programme, we provided Gr 10-12 Mathematics and Physical Sciences learners in nearly 80 government high schools throughout South Africa access to Siyavula Practice. Given the distribution of the schools across rural South Africa, our team conducted group training workshops for the teachers at various teacher centres. This was followed up with continuous support and engagement throughout the year. We visited as many schools as we could get to, motivating and interacting with both teachers and learners.

In order to address the issue of data and airtime costs associated with online programs, our websites were zero-rated by Vodacom making it free of charge when accessed from a device with a Vodacom SIM card.

The Vodacom foundation has renewed the Siyavula Practice project through to September of 2016. Siyavula will continue to support the schools that have been active in 2015.

Corporate sponsorship of Siyavula Practice

We are continually investigating and looking for further partnerships to make Siyavula Practice more widely accessible and available to every learner in South Africa.

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Sineliso Sithole is a grade 10 learner from Dumabezwe Secondary, outside of Ixopo, KwaZulu-Natal. Mobile network coverage can be poor in the hilly area where he lives. To make sure his students did not run into network problems, Sineliso’s teacher drove him and a few of his classmates to the top of a nearby hill so they could successfully sign up for Siyavula Practice.

In under six months, Sineliso went on to practise over 15 000 Mathematics and Science exercises.

He tells us he loves Siyavula Practice because his “marks have improved rapidly” and that receiving acknowledgement from Siyavula makes him feel “excited and proud of himself”.