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May 01, 2015 / by Megan Beckett /

Revamped, reworked, revised Gr 10 Maths textbook

We’ve completely overhauled and polished up our Gr 10 Mathematics, openly-licensed textbook. This was one of the first textbooks ever produced, before Siyavula even existed as a company, and since then we’ve had a lot of feedback on what could be improved. The benefits of openly licensed content and collaborative production is that we could once again draw on the strengths of the community in this process.

You requested more exercises in our Mathematics Grade 10 textbook and we listened to you. There are now 2069 exercises in total compared the 831 we had in the old edition.

In addition we have sequenced the textbook more closely with our South African curriculum statement (CAPS) and reworked explanations on certain topics. We also added new investigations and improved (or in some cases completely replaced) 174 worked examples. The feedback we often get from learners about our textbooks is that they really benefit from the range of worked examples that build up in complexity throughout a chapter. We made sure to focus on making this a feature in our new Gr 10 book.

We have ensured that every single question has a fully worked solution that is accessible from the teachers guide. Each and every one of these solutions has been meticulously checked to eliminate any errors.

We thank everyone who was involved in helping us achieve our goal and we are sure that teachers and learners from around the country will benefit from the extraordinary effort and time put into this project!

You can read more about the collaborative process and testing out a prototype for how to rework the book in Mark Horner’s blog post from 2014 here.

This textbook was developed with corporate social investment funding from the Old Mutual Foundation and is available to read and download on our everythingmaths website.